I am the owner and therapist at Rejuvenate. I run the clinic from a treatment room within my home, on Eastern Avenue, which is near Burnley General Hospital. I am also available for pitch side first aid/massage and event massages such as marathons, triathlons, training events and more. Please contact for enquiries. 

I have graduated with a Masters in Sports Medicine, and my undergraduate degree was in Sports Rehabilitation. Over the past number of years I have also gained many other complimenting qualifications. These led me to opening my own clinic so I could use all my skills and knowledge to help all my clients. I provide all my clients with friendly and professional treatment, whether that be massage for healing, prevention or maintenance purposes, exercise rehabilitation or any of the other services I provide.

You do not have to be “sporty” to be a client here at Rejuvenate. I work with a huge range of people; no matter your age, activity level, if you’re injured or not – you are welcome for treatment. Work related back pain or that niggling injury you’ve had forever: with treatment, it is scientifically proven that it can get better!

With a combination of my therapy work, personal experience and knowledge as a sports rehabilitator, I have gained a growing passion for helping people become a better them by becoming more comfortable day-to-day and helping them to achieve their active goals.