What is Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a deep tissue massage designed to prevent or improve injuries – but not just for athletic people! Sports massage works to break down adhesions, which in turn reduces tension and stress within muscles. There are different techniques within sports massage; some faster, some slower. The different techniques are used dependant on the reason for treatment i.e. pre event, post event, injury healing or injury prevention. 

How does Sports Massage work?

Sports massage works deep through the muscles, realigning muscle fibres and connective tissue. It also helps to flush the body of toxins and waste products. Regular sessions (we recommend weekly or bi-weekly) work to increase range of motion, decrease pain and decrease likelihood of repeat injury.  

Sports massage has physical, physiological and also psychological benefits.

It helps to heal injuries by stimulating blood flow and encouraging correct alignment of scar tissue. The physical techniques used can stretch muscles in non physiological ways – i.e. ways that you couldn’t physically stretch yourself.


Can Sports Massage help me - and what should I expect?

Everyone has potential to become injured – so sports massage suits everyone! You don’t have to have a single sporty body in your body. We help anyone from elite athletes to the elderly who just want to be able to reach the biscuit jar off the top shelf without it hurting. 

Unfortunately, a sports massage isn’t a therapeutic spa-like massage. You should except for it to be slightly uncomfortable at some points, maybe slightly painful. If the pain is too uncomfortable ensure to communicate this to your therapist and they will adjust accordingly. 

See here for pricing. Can also be paired with other treatments into an hourly session. Remember you can save through block booking.  Call 07791133473 or contact for more information and bookings.