What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is a method of identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle – which basically means that it’s a way of assessing the way you walk and run – to see if there’s anything we can do to make it better. A poor walking or running gait can open you up to a number of different hip, knee and ankle injuries.

How does Gait Analysis work?

Gait analysis works by your therapist watching you walk and run on the treadmill for a few minutes. With your permission they may take a short video and/or some photos. This will help you to visualise the abnormalities in your gait. Your therapist will look at the angle and alignment of your hip, knee and ankle joints. For example, you may be over pronating your foot (when your foot drops inwards) as you strike the floor or your knees could be dropping inwards.

After analysing your gait, your therapist will sit with you and discuss the findings, and devise a plan to correct any abnormalities. It may be as simple as changing your shoes, or your may need some lower body exercise rehabilitation to help in strengthening your hip, knee or ankle muscles.

Can Gait Analysis help me - and what should I expect?

If you have pain in your hips, knees or ankles – gait analysis is definitely something to consider. Lower limb pain could be a very simple fix with some strength work if it is due to gait abnormalities. Or, if you are or training to be a runner – whether it be 5k or marathon runs – gait analysis can help ensure you are running with proper technique and not going to cause any unwanted injuries.

When you come for your session, please make sure you bring your the shoes which you would normally walk/run in – whether this is your sandals or your running trainers.

If you have a query regarding whether gait analysis is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss it further.

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