What is Technique Analysis?

Your therapist can check your technique and ensure you are performing the exercise with correct technique so as not to cause any injury. Techniques can also be adapted to recruit different muscle groups dependant on your needs and the goals of your treatment plan. 


How does Technique Analysis work?

When you complete ever day activities, and exercises in the gym – your body moves in a certain way. Sometimes, injuries and muscle imbalances cause your body to move in a different way. This could be sub optimal and may increase your risk of injury, or prevent your current injury from healing efficiently. 

Technique analysis ensures your movement patterns are corrected to prevent injury, promote healing and potentially promote muscle growth.

Can Technique Analysis help me - and what should I except?

Technique analysis is useful for those who train in the gym and want to be sure that their techniques are correct and they are performing optimally. 

If you are undergoing exercise rehabilitation or have a home exercise plan, your technique may also be analysed in follow up sessions to be sure your plan is having the intended effects. 

Or, if an every day activity is causing you pain – such as walking up the stairs – then this will be looked at to ensure the way your hips/knees/ankles move will not be causing injury.

See here for pricing. Can also be paired with other treatments into an hourly session. Remember you can save through block booking.  Call 07791133473 or contact for more information and bookings.