What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Exercise rehabilitation plays an integral part in your recovery from an injury, surgery or just pain, whether it be minor or major. Our aims are to bring back full function, and restore everything such as strength, endurance, balance and flexibility to an above and beyond standard from where it was pre-injury. If we only got you back to where you were pre-injury – you’re probably going to get hurt again, and we don’t want that!

Exercise rehabilitation is just as important as manual therapy treatments, but is often forgotten or not utilised. You can either have a full session of exercise rehabilitation, where your therapist will run through various exercises and drills specific to your needs. Or, it is likely that after any massage treatment, your therapist will give you a couple of “do at home” exercises. This home exercise plan is just as important as your regular sessions. If we only see you once a week – you have the rest of the week to ensure you’re following your exercise plan to aim to get you back to tip-top condition.

Prevention is better than cure, and well devised individual exercise prescription will help to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

How does Exercise Rehabilitation work?

Exercise rehabilitation works by slowly progressing through a wide range of exercises in order to build strength, range of motion, proprioception (balance) and other factors. The slow progressions ensure that the exercises are never too difficult and are manageable. Your therapist may do some initial testing of strength and range of motion to give a baseline of when comparing after a number of sessions.

When looking at injuries, there are three stages to exercise rehabilitation. Early, mid and late. Dependant on the extent of your injury and the pain you are in will depend how quickly you will progress through the stages. We always want your exercise to be pain free! Your therapist will tailor a plan suited specifically to you, your injury and your goals.

Can Exercise Rehabilitation help me - and what should I expect?

Exercise rehabilitation can help everyone. It can help in recovering from an injury; restoring muscle strength after immobility (e.g. having a cast on for 6 weeks); preventing injury and massively reducing the chances of re-injury. Those with new injuries, or chronic injuries such as back pain, knee pain or ankle instability can all benefit from exercise rehabilitation.

In your first session you should expect to sit with your therapist and discuss your injury, where you currently are and where you would like to be. They will assess your injury, strength and range. From there they will develop a tailor made exercise rehabilitation plan and go through it with you to ensure understanding. Time dependant, they will aid you in carrying out some of the exercises. In further sessions, your exercise plan will be followed and your therapist will be there every step of the way. Your therapist may also give you some exercises to do at home between sessions – make sure you do these!

If you have a query regarding whether exercise rehabilitation is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss it further.

See here for pricing, which is dependant on session length. You can also tag it onto a massage session. Remember you can save through block booking. Call 07791133473 or contact for more information and bookings.