What is Posture Analysis?

Posture analysis is a method of identifying any abnormalities in your natural posture stance, during sitting and standing. It is basically assessing the way you natural sit or stand – to see if there’s anything we can do to make it better. A poor posture can open you up to a number of different shoulder or back injuries, including that dreaded lower back pain we hear so much about.

How does Posture Analysis work?

Posture analysis works by your therapist looking at your natural posture during standing and/or sitting. You may have good posture standing – but not so good sitting! Which is really important for people in office jobs, or those who drive a lot. With your permission they make take a few photos which will help you to visualise the abnormalities in your posture. They will assess your posture from the front, the back, and each side.

There are many points to consider during a posture check, but some things that your therapist will look at are the position of your shoulders, the curvature of your spine and your pelvis tilt.

After analysing your posture, your therapist will sit with you and discuss the findings, and devise a plan to correct any abnormalities. It may be as simple as setting some stimulus to remind you to sit up straight, or you may need some manual therapy such as sports massage, or exercise rehabilitation to ensure all your postural muscles and working optimally.

Can Posture Analysis help me - and what should I expect?

Posture analysis should always be a consideration and it is likely to help everyone! It has a huge impact on many different types of back, neck, and shoulder pain. Less known, it can also have a big impact on hip, knee and ankle pain too. For those who are sitting or standing for long periods of time, they can get fatigued and their posture can diminish over time – so it is important to have the postural strength and endurance to maintain the correct position for long periods of time.

The session is nice and simple, it’s important to relax and stand/sit in your natural posture – if you force good posture we can’t see if anything is out of sorts!

If you have a query regarding whether postural analysis is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss it further.

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