Booking & Cancellation Policy

Effective date: May 25th 2022

We charge a set £10 booking fee per session. All booking fees taken will be offset against your session cost which is due at the end of your session.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must give 48 hours’ notice, or you will forfeit the booking fee. If you give less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, we will require payment of the full session. We operate this strict cancellation policy, and hope you appreciate that you pay for our therapists’ time.

If your appointment has been booked within 24 hours of you arranging the booking, we will require a booking fee of the full price of your session.

If you fail to attend your appointment with no cancellation, for any further appointments, we will require a higher booking fee set at the discretion of the therapist.

Why are we charging at the point of booking?

Taking booking fees is common practice in private clinics. Unfortunately, in the past we have experienced last minute cancellations and even ‘no-shows’ (those who fail to turn up to their appointment with no cancellation). While we appreciate the majority of our clients do have valid reasons for cancellation, this unfortunately means that slots which could have been offered to other clients are left empty, which has a large effect on our business. By implementing this policy we hope that we can continue to meet the needs of all our clients, whilst running an effective and professional service.

How do I pay?

You can either pay by cash or card within the clinic, or via a payment link sent to you via text message. We can provide you with a full receipt by text message and/or email if you require.

How does it work if I’m using a voucher?

Our vouchers don’t hold monetary value. The booking fee would still be applicable, but will be returned to you at your appointment if the value of your voucher covers your appointment cost.

How will it work for block bookings?

We will continue our procedures for block bookings which are either a full payment up front, or a set payment plan as agreed. If there is a last minute cancellation to an appointment within a block booking, that session will not be reimbursed.

Do block bookings expire?

Yes, a block of 5 sessions will expire after 2 months and a block of 10 sessions will expire after 4 months. 

Can I mix and match the length of sessions in my block booking?

Yes, you can use more than one session at once. However, you can’t split sessions up. For example, if you had 3 x 60 minute sessions, you could redeem these as 2 x 90 minute sessions. But, if you had 2 x 90 minute sessions you wouldn’t be able to redeem these as 3 x 60 minute sessions.

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