I’m not “sporty”, is Sports Therapy for me?

In short: you don’t have to be sporty to be a client here.

Everyone has different outlooks and values on their current activities and the value of that. Yes, some are involved in team or individual sports. However, although some people wouldn’t be seen dead in a gym setting, they have huge value on being able to run around the park with their grandchildren. Others strive to be able to perform better at work or in their hobbies. And some are simply looking to manage their everyday life by walking around unaided, and reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard without being in pain.

Muscle pain, soreness, aches and pains are common for us all. The demands of our day to day lives – whether that be running marathons or walking to the shops – can put excess stress and strain on our bodies. Sometimes it’s difficult to take care of our bodies optimally – and that’s where I come into play! Through Sports Therapy treatments I can target tight and tender muscles and connective tissues to give lasting relaxation and pain relief. Manual therapy treatment will also help towards the bodies natural healing process, helping your body to heal efficiently. This combined with a individually designed exercise plan will build strength, stability, flexibility and more.

I will work with you to tailor your plan to meet your goals and outcomes. The overall goal is to ensure that you get better, and stay better.

Many clients choose to continue regular treatments, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to maintain a healthy active lifestyle whilst staying pain and injury free.

Feel free to use the contact form, or give me a call on 07791133473 if you would like more information or have any questions.

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