How many sessions will I need?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked; how long will it take? How many sessions until there’s less pain, until there’s more movement, or until I can go back to activity?

So… let’s talk about the path to recovery.

How long have you had the problem?

If your injury is acute, sub-acute or chronic, this will affect the length of recovery. As a rule of thumb, the longer you have suffered from an injury, the longer it will take to remove the burden of pain and lack of movement.

As a rough guide, an acute injury (within the last month) would take approximately 4-6 weekly sessions, though you are likely to feel improvements each time. A chronic injury that has been a problem for many years is likely to need weekly sessions over the course of a 2-4 months. With chronic injuries, there is usually something causing the pain to be prolonged whether this be postural issues, gait problems or incorrect technique. I will closely examine these factors and carry out multiple assessments with you to ensure not only do we get rid of the pain, we stop it coming back.

What exactly is the problem?

Some injuries are more complex than others and there can be multiple directions of rehabilitation needed. Some of us have a single injury, others may have multiple layers of injury alongside living with conditions than can alter the way in which treatment is given.

People also differ on their perception of the problem. For example, everyone’s’ pain threshold is different and something that may be a slight niggle to some, may be a complete road bump in someone else’s day to day activities.

What are your goals, and are these time bound?

If you are someone who has goals to walk up the stairs unaided, compared to someone who wishes to be able to run a marathon in 8 weeks – treatment time is likely to differ. If you have time bound goals, it may be in your favour to have sessions twice weekly to increase manual therapy treatment time.

To answer the question…

Essentially, it’s not black and white to answer the question “How many sessions will I need?”. However, on your first visit, we will discuss a personalised rehabilitation and treatment plan that’s unique to you and has your goals in mind.

When they are “better”, many clients like to continue with sessions whether that be fortnightly or monthly, as routine maintenance for injury prevention.

I’m not “sporty”, is Sports Therapy for me?

In short: you don’t have to be sporty to be a client here.

Everyone has different outlooks and values on their current activities and the value of that. Yes, some are involved in team or individual sports. However, although some people wouldn’t be seen dead in a gym setting, they have huge value on being able to run around the park with their grandchildren. Others strive to be able to perform better at work or in their hobbies. And some are simply looking to manage their everyday life by walking around unaided, and reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard without being in pain.

Muscle pain, soreness, aches and pains are common for us all. The demands of our day to day lives – whether that be running marathons or walking to the shops – can put excess stress and strain on our bodies. Sometimes it’s difficult to take care of our bodies optimally – and that’s where I come into play! Through Sports Therapy treatments I can target tight and tender muscles and connective tissues to give lasting relaxation and pain relief. Manual therapy treatment will also help towards the bodies natural healing process, helping your body to heal efficiently. This combined with a individually designed exercise plan will build strength, stability, flexibility and more.

I will work with you to tailor your plan to meet your goals and outcomes. The overall goal is to ensure that you get better, and stay better.

Many clients choose to continue regular treatments, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to maintain a healthy active lifestyle whilst staying pain and injury free.

Feel free to use the contact form, or give me a call on 07791133473 if you would like more information or have any questions.


I will officially be reopening from April 12th – two weeks today! 😍 My diary is ready and waiting to take all your bookings ✍🏻
Due to the impact of the pandemic 😷 and personal circumstances, the clinic will be moving and will no longer be at The Gym. I’ll be running the clinic from my home instead, still in Burnley.
Nothing is changing bar the location – everything will still be run in a friendly professional and most importantly; clean and safe environment 🧼🥰
I personally can’t WAIT to reopen ⏰ It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to help you all out, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to those niggles and knots for you! 🪢
Please get in touch for all bookings or questions, either via:
Messenger ✉️
Email 📧
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Phone ☎️ 07791133473
Looking forward to seeing you soon! 😁

???? Sorry for the silence! ????

I’m sure we can all agree it’s been one crazy year that no one could have predicted ????????‍♀️ and it’s put a LOT of strain on small businesses like myself.
I’ve had to make some big decisions and changes recently for the business, and although it’s been tough I can see that little bit of light at the end of the tunnel ????
I’ll be letting you all know of the changes real soon! And hopefully then I’ll have a date to reopen and finally be able to get to do what I love doing again ????
Can’t wait to see you all again soon ????

We are reopening!

We’ve missed you! But we have such great news… we’re reopening, and soon! 

We are SO happy to announce that the clinic will be reopening its doors on Monday 27th July! 😁

We will be putting measures in place to be following government guidelines, but the care and treatment you receive will not be negatively impacted in any way 

Unfortunately, we will not be running back to back appointments which will reduce the amount of clients we can see each day. We strongly recommended you book your appointment ASAP to avoid any disappointment ☺️

In line with reopening, we will also be implementing our new booking fee system 📥 Please see all details here.

We can’t wait to see you  🥰 We suspect we will be very busy so please call or text 07791133473 📞 , email 📧 , or use our contact form 📨 to secure your appointment now.

I’m in pain, should I use ice or heat?

When you are injured, there is usually a lot of confusion around whether you should use ice or heat to aid the recovery. This age-old question can be answered by taking two things into consideration; whether the injury is acute or chronic, and when the treatment is taking place.

So… lets look a little deeper. What are chronic and acute injuries?

Acute injuries tend to have happened within the last 48 hours. They normally happen from sudden trauma, such as a twist, fall, or tackle. An acute injury will normally present with some of these symptoms:
○Sharp pain

Whereas, chronic injuries usually develop overtime rather than suddenly. Such as an overuse injury, or an acute injury that hasn’t fully healed. A chronic injury can present with some of these symptoms:
○Dull ache
○Constant niggle
○Swelling when aggravated

What does ice do to the body? So when should I use it?
Cold therapy slows down the blood flow (vasoconstriction) to an injury, which is turn helps to reduce swelling and therefore pain.

Ice should be used immediately after an injury, or after activity that aggravates a chronic injury. Although swelling is a natural process in healing, too much swelling can cause pressure on the joint/muscle and cause pain.

What does heat do to the body? So when should I use it?
Heat therapy opens up blood vessels (vasodilation) which increases blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing pain.

Use a hot towel or heat pad to warm up stiff muscles and relax a pre-existing injury before a workout. This will help to increase the flexibility and stimulate blood flow, to prevent injury or any further damage to a chronic injury.

Heat can be used to help relieve pain from stiff and tight muscles, along with chronic pain such as tension headaches. Always wait at least 48-72 hours after an acute injury, or after re-aggravating a chronic injury. This ensures the swelling has gone before using heat treatment.

What safety concerns are there when using ice and heat?

Both ice and heat have potential to cause minor damage if used incorrectly. Heat can increase swelling and ice can worsen tightness in muscles.
Ice or heat shouldn’t be applied for more than 20 minutes at a time, waiting an hour between treatments.
Neither should be placed directly onto the skin to avoid ice/heat burns.
If there is swelling or bruising in the affected area, never use heat treatment. Also if you have neurological problems in that area (i.e. pins and needles, numbness etc)

Does that answer your questions?
If you are still unsure what to do with a particular issue or injury you are suffering with, feel free to get in touch. We are always more than happy to help!

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Following months of work (and juggling a newborn) I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new website! The structure of the website makes it easy to navigate, and is also tablet and mobile friendly.

Hopefully, with this new website, you can easily delve deeper into the services we provide – with details on what to expect and if it will work specifically for you. Blog updates will also keep you informed of all things sports therapy related!

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